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It is strangely satisfying to see complimentary colour combinations

> author David Rushton | posted 2020-06-11 | photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels | tags 🏷️inspiration 🏷️design 🏷️colour

I'm not a graphic designer. Of course you don't need me to tell you that. You are looking at a site I designed right now. I love complimentary colour combinations, negative space and clean, simple, design. My father is a minimalist. Kids toys and gadgets aside, so am I. Less really can be more. Of all the code I have written it is the smallest and simplest functions that I'm most proud of. Despite the fact I'm a code junkie, I recoil when large blocks of code leave my keyboard and appear on screen. Deep down I've always had this feeling that complex code is a sign that I've yet to fully grasp the problem at hand. I'm sure Uncle Bob would understand. His book Clean Code (ISBN: 9780136083238) articulates this idea better than I ever could. Well written code expresses its intent clearly. The next person to touch the code is left in no doubt as its purpose and function. Adapting the code for future needs is simplified, as are the processes of testing and reviewing. A small focused block of code is easier to read and therefore easier to understand. Perhaps that is why I love negative space. I designed this site to be easy to read. I hope you can focus on these words free from clutter around them.

I'm terrible at putting colours together. Thankfully the world is full of talented people, happy to share their abilities. These are the sites that inspired my colour scheme:

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